Monday, January 19, 2009

How to Watch the Inauguration Live (via the web)

Tomorrow I plan to have my class watch the inauguration of our 44th president on the "big screen" which means we must tune in online. Here are some links on how to watch online:

Our class will understand this event at different levels. Some will just tune into the excitement, others will understand we have a new president, still others may understand exactly why this new president is so historic. Here are some ways I plan to increase the interactivity of watching the inauguration and parades.
  • handing out musical instruments, especially "clappers" and "shakers" to use to make noise to go along with applause and recording loud cheers and applause onto step-by-step switches for those who cannot access musical instruments
  • presenting communication boards and overlays for devices to be used while watching - I have uploaded these to Adapted Learning
  • inviting other classes to join us and having the teacher's aides and teachers be as excited as possible
  • turning down the volume on the webcast to explain and ask/answer questions as needed
  • doing follow up activities, including this weeks News-2-You


  1. Thanks for posting the board with photos of new pres! LOVE it!

  2. Kate, I posted a set of materials connected to the Inauguration and linked to your post.


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