Sunday, October 18, 2009

Click and Type Portable and Other Portable AT Apps

Click-N-Type, the fantastic, free, configurable on-screen keyboard with word prediction now has a portable version which can be run completely from a flash drive! How cool is that?

More and more AT users who need specialized software are able to carry what they need from computer to computer on a flash drive. In addition using portable versions of common applications like Firefox and Thunderbird allow you to maintain your accessibility settings and add-ons from one computer to the next. Wouldn't it be great if school, college and public libraries offered flash drives of AT software for use? How cool would it be if disability support services created a flash drive from each student who could benefit from such software, trained that student on the software and allowed the student to use his or her flash drive of portable AT Apps on any computer? (In a presentation once I had the head of IT for a district complain that free software for schools isn't free because of the time in takes to install and monitor it, flashdrives full of accessible software was my answer.)

AT Apps to run from a flash drive:
Links to full collections of Portable Apps or App Suites:
Don't forget you can use Package Factory to convert many program (like Classroom Suite Player) to run from a U3 SanCruz thumb drive. Here are my instructions on how to do that.

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