Thursday, October 22, 2009

Five Ways to Play

Our speech therapist runs a fun group every Thursday and this week we played, "Where is it?" She had small containers filled with fun size candy bars. Students volunteered to hide a container while the other student hid their eyes. (All with assistance as needed, of course.) Then the other students asked the "hider" yes/no questions starting with "Is it..." using position words (under, next to, on top of) and items in the room (desk, shelves, refrigerator, stander). The "hider" then answered the questions until someone guessed the location. In the end everyone got to eat or at least "taste" some candy.

Five out of six of my students where in school today and below you will see images of how each of those five students participated.

From left to right: A Mercury communication device by ATI with a keyguard using direct selection, a Go Talk 20+ from Attainment, four picture custom made low tech eye gaze boards, a TechTalk by AMDi and textured Yes/No board and a Yellow Big Red switch by Ablenet attached to a Step by Step Sequential Switch (not pictured).



  1. Kate - for some reason I can't see the pictures. I'm wondering if you could explain the textured yes/no board? I have some students that currently do not have the ability to access a switch, and eye gaze may not be the best choice due to vision impairments. I'm wondering if something involving texture might work for them.


  2. Yes is the word "yes" ina green square traced in puff paint (fabric paint) and no is the red universal "X" meaning "no" also traced in puff paint. These symbols were in placed before I arrived. I like yellow faux fur for "yes" (get at a craft store) in the shape of the Mayer-Johnson "yes" symbol and a red sand paper "X" for "no" (hard ware store).


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