Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Song of the Day

Every morning I play a song of the day/music video of the day in my class. The idea is that my special needs students be exposed to as many songs that "everybody should know" as possible for the purpose of cultural currency, broadening exposure and pure enjoyment. What songs should I have on our list?


  1. I think this is a Fantastic Idea! What if you just took the top ten list? You could do country one day, rock and r&b the next. As long as it is appropriate. You could even have a class countdown. Thanks for sharing your Fantastic ideas!

  2. This is a great idea.
    Home on the Range
    Puff the Magic Dragon
    If I could take time in a bottle
    Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
    Stewball was a racehorse
    Amazing Grace
    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
    Take me home, country roads
    Rocky Mountain High
    Cat's in the Cradle
    Kum Ba Yah
    Hey Jude

  3. This is a great idea. I do something similar with my students... about once a week when we are in the "leisure section" of our day (after lunch when we are finishing up staff breaks), I pull up America's Top 40 list (AT40) and then play the songs off of you-tube for the students. Sometimes we even all get up and dance. Many of my students have very distinct favorites and I will pull those up for weeks to come as I keep a little note of the songs that got the best response. This year it appears that we have a student that is in country music so I find myself digging in to the top songs on the country list as well. Our students also love listening to 80s songs. Last year we had a work experience student from grade 11 in our classroom and she was great to have around as she told us all the songs (old and new) that she was listening to. In fact for a while she was the controller of the you-tube music time.

  4. How about a bit of Jazz ?
    Dave Brubeck : Take 5
    or Dave Brubeck Unsquare dance

    both on You Tube and the CD Dave Brubeck Greatest Hits

  5. What a great idea!!! I have been wanting to use ipods with the emotionally impaired population as a motivator as well as to help with sensory ideas. Your list of links is a terrific resource for all special educators...thanks


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