Friday, October 2, 2009

Mulberry Symbol Set

The Mulberry Symbol Set is a free collection of picture symbols available from Straight Street. After registering and logging in for free you can search for single symbols or you can download the entire set. There are currently about 800 Mulberry Symbols and there should be 3000 by this time next year. The Mulberry Symbol set is included in the new Pogo Board program and also is perfect for importing into Boardmaker or the free PhotoSyms program. In fact between Mulberry Symbols, Sclera Symbols and PhotoSyms people can have everything they need to make printed boards for free. Another free set of software that would be perfect for using Mulberry Symbols is the EdWord and EdWeb programs from Sense.


  1. Kate, just wanted you to know that I shared your site with our staff via my work blog today ( I hope they find as much inspiration as I do!


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