Friday, October 2, 2009

Ever had one of those days?

Actually today was not one of those days, however we (the para-professionals and I) had a number mini-incidents which we responded to with good humor. The day ended with trying to break into my car because... well, obviously, I locked myself out.

We did figure out (by watching the AAA man) that next time we can likely break into the car using the following items from the classroom: a foot wedge from a Rifton stander, a long strip of laminated paper and some sand paper. If that included some Velcro it would be the ultimate special needs solution!

By the way wasn't it sooooooo nice of one of the paraprofessionals to take this super flattering shot of me breaking into my car. Too bad I have no shame!


  1. Your website rocks my world...I mean this! I came across it and have told many fellow teachers in my district about your website. I am all about gathering as many free resources as I can in my quest to help my students be successful. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, its knowing the blog is helpful that keeps me making the effort.


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