Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lite Brite Spin Art

The other day a trip to the local thrift store proved fruitful with the find of a $4.00 Lite Brite FX Flash Art Machine, which usually costs about $25.00. (In working condition, complete with all the parts and batteries!)

The cool thing about the Lite Bright FX Flash Art Machine is that it is just like a regular home spin art machine only it also has black lights and music. (We won't be using the lights in out class, spinning lights cause some problems for some of my students.) We will be using a battery interrupter to make the Lite Brite FX Flash Art Machine Switch Accessible and using Boardmaker to make choice boards for the students to pick colors and how much paint to put on their art.

Just in case you don't luck out and find a spin art machine in your local thrift store here are some links for you:

Free Online Spin Art Games
Free Online Lite Brite Games
iPod Touch Apps

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