Thursday, November 13, 2008

30 Days to Being a Better Blogger - Days 11 and 12

The challenges are to declutter the blog roll and declutter the sidebars. Seen my blog lately? These are not exactly one day challenges. But here is a commitment that it will happen this weekend. Scouts honor. (And I am a serious scout, even went to college on a scouting scholarship and met first lady Barbara Bush because I was the youngest girl ever to earn a the girl scouting equivalent of the Eagle Scout. But I digress.)

I have, for now, eliminated the lists of resources that also have a link to their own page. There are a few lists I have not moved to their own posts yet and they are way down at the bottom of the sidebar. I will make them a home this weekend. I also used a tutorial to move the actual list of blogs I read daily (or as often as they come out) from Google Reader to my sidebar. It actually appears more cluttered to me because it is not alphabetized but in the order I subscribed to the blogs. That's all I can handle tonight though.

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