Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AMDI and Laureate Join Forces

This has is one of the better ideas to come the way of learners with special needs in awhile, additionally it is a create was to TEACH visual scene displays instead of assuming they are a great way for learners to communicate. What is the idea?

The teaming up of AMDI and Laureate. This new collaboration allows learners to use the AMDI SMART/128 static display device as a remote control to run an expressive language version of Laureate software. For example in the Exploring Nouns software a student may be asked, "What is this?" and then the student presses the item in the visual scene display on his or her SMART/128, which acts as an input device to the computer, and the computer responds by re-prompting or giving a reward. What a great idea to teach device use to learners motivated by the computer. The overlay also has about twelve buttons for the student to communicate with peers and staff about the activity.

Overlay sets are available for all of the Exploring Series by Laureate and each set has six overlays. Now if only Laureate didn't have such crazy expensive software that met such a limited range of needs (i.e. you need new, extremely expensive, software for nouns, verbs, etc. Other companies provide software that does the same things, takes data, covers a broad range and everything else for much more reasonable prices).

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