Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CommuniPix - Magnetic Photo Symbols

CommuniPix is a company that allows users to upload photographs which are then turned into photo symbol magnets. Much like the picture communication symbol magnets from Barker Creek these magnets are perfect for PECS, magnetic communication boards and creating a language rich environment. A basic deck is also available for those who want to order something off-the-shelf. The website includes suggestions for symbols, placing and carrying photo magnets (such as magnetic paint primer and magnetic strips) and tips for photographing symbols.

Unrelated, but interesting, did you know you can also get dry erase paint, glow-in-the-dark paint and chalkboard paint?

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  1. Blackboard paint is HEAPS of fun! I've almost always lived in homes where at least one wall (usually in a communal area or hallway) was painted with blackboard paint and there was tons of chalk available for all to draw/write as they pleased. We write notes to each other or just draw or scribble - FUN!!!



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