Thursday, November 20, 2008

Online BigMack Switch

Powered by Vocaroo

There you go! An online BigMack Switch! So if you don't have a BigMack, your BigMack is broken, you are out of batteries or you just want to play around you can come to this blog entry, record and play back a voice! (You might want to bookmark this entry.)

Make it switch accessible by recording, putting the mouse pointer over "listen" and setting a switch to "mouse click".

Also Vocaroo is a very cool and FREE way to send voice notes via e-mail and post voice recording to the internet. Check it out.

Some of the ways you could use a Vocaroo in the classroom would be to record a note to a parent who does not read well and send it via e-mail, record a student reading or speaking and send to a parent or even yourself for data collection, and allow non-writing students to send voice e-mails to each other. Can you think of any other ideas?

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