Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cool Picture Symbol Name Stamps

I've written about Say-It-With-Symbols and Giving Greetings before, but I was in contact with them recently and they have expanded their product line with some exciting products. These include:
  • a very cool line of name stamps and reward stamps using Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols
  • Barker-Creek Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbol Magnets
  • Bee Visual Choice Work Products
  • low tech communication devices (for example Ablenet's Step-by-Step) and communication boards and books
  • and an special offer that provides the 2008 addendum free to those who purchase Boardmker
  • and of course they still carry their signature line of symbol based greeting and note cards as well as mouse pads and clothing
Say-It-With-Symbols is owned and run by the parent of a child with significant disabilities.

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