Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-It Pockets: A Sped Adaptable

The people who make post-its (also called stickies), 3M, have a new product called Post-It Pockets. The minute3 I saw them I had a dozen ideas about how to use them in the classroom. They come in letter, bill, receipt size (9 in. X 12 in.; 5 1/2 in. X 9 in.; and 4 in. X 9 in.). Post-it pockets are supposed to be available at Target, Office Max. and other places post-its are sold.

  • storing constantly in use symbols (as opposed to my hardware store drawers for all my other symbols), add velcro to the front and you can store symbols inside and display one on the front, i.e. to show today's school lunch offering
  • to create a sign-in center for students, put a card with "here" on one side and "out" on the other side in each pocket, with each students name and photo on the front and students can flip their card upon arrival and departure
  • to create sorting/classification boards, put several pockets on a poster board or wall, a symbol or word on the outside of each envelope and have students sort away using symbols or word cards
  • put pockets with index cards in the back of the books in your classroom and have everyone (students and adults) sign them out
  • make a "mail center" for students
  • hang 26 of them with each letter of the alphabet on one pocket and use to start teaching alphabetization and filing
  • add to you classroom job or chore area with a symbol for each chore on the front of the pockets and a picture schedule or task analysis inside
  • hang a few by the phone with the names of all the classroom staff and therapists and use them to put phone messages and quick notes in
  • hang one (letter sized) pocket by the door for each student and place any papers to go home in it for students to collect at the end of the day
  • attach to the back of data collection clipboards to hold extra notes and tid-bits of information for paraprofessionals
  • place them on the back of standers with a slip of paper inside for each student (who uses that stander) to record total number of minutes stood each day
  • use pockets for each student to collect things they need to take into the community like money, library card, I.D. card, shopping list, etc. so you always know where everything is to go out for CBE
What else can you think of?

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