Tuesday, November 18, 2008

30 Days to Being a Better Blogger - Days 13-15

Alrighty then, half way through the 30 Day Challenge and I get off easy again! Here are the current challenges:
  • find yourself
  • greatest hits
  • mobilize me
Really I am only getting off easily on 2/3. I check my Google and Technocrati listings about twice a month (find yourself) and because I have spent much of the past two years in an internet free school I frequently use my own blog via my Blackberry to get resources, so I know how my blog looks on a Smart Phone (mobilize me).

That middle one though, greatest hits, that's a tough one. What are my greatest hits? Certainly my compilation of free Boardmaker Boards (which will be much less important now that Adapted Learning is open) and, of course some of my other "list" posts (freebies, special needs software, mouting systems). Other than that could regular readers take a moment and mention what posts you would put in my top ten (or even top two)? Could new readers tell me what sent you here in the first place?

Thanks so much!


  1. As I said in a recent commetn, I czme because I saw you'd been visiting. I stayed (and added you to my reader!) b/c of the great lists of resources and wonderfully positive attitude about teaching kids such as my son. :-)

  2. Hey Kate! If I'm not mistaken, today (Nov 19) marks a significant milestone. Your blog is celebrating a birthday. Congratulations! And many many thanks for all that you share here. I believe that your blog is making a difference in the lives of countless very special children all around the world. --Paul


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