Tuesday, November 11, 2008

30 Days to Being a Better Blogger - Days 8, 9 and 10

I'm a bit behind with the 30 Days Challenges (IEPS and quarterlies will do that to you). Day eight was to comment on other peoples blogs, which I do frequently.

Day nine was to switch your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) - the feed that allows people to look at favorite blogs in a reader like Google Reader) to Feedburner. I am not a fan of Feedburner because it is a blogger first application, i.e. it puts the needs of the blogger (statistics) before the needs of the reader (in my case assessbility). Feedburner reformats blogs to met their standards, resizing images, moving images around, changing where the breaks are in writing, etc. I work hard to make my site more accessible and sometimes Feedburner undoes that. However in an effort to show an open mind and a commitment to the 30 Day challenge I have changed over to Feedburner for at least one month. Please comment whether you like it or not it if you regularly read this in a reader.

Day ten is to look at your blog in another browser. Ricky over at ATMac tells my everything look pretty good on the Mac browser (Safari). Things also seem to look good in IE8 beta and 7, though I was loathe to open them. I also checked things out on two accessible browsers, EdWeb and WWAAC, things were choppy in places, especially on Vista, but when I fired up my old XP machine (and firing that thing up is a loooong process) everything was overall ok. Finally I installed and checked things out on the Opera, Safari, Chrome and Flock browsers, not bad there either. In order to check out some other browsers I used BrowserShots, everything looks fine. Here are some screen shots of various browsers:

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  1. You wrote "Feedburner reformats blogs to met their standards, resizing images, moving images around, changing where the breaks are in writing, etc." What problems have you had with it, and have they been within the past year or so?

    I've been using Feedburner with ATMac for the past 18 months and never had any problems like this. Certainly it's never shifted where the breaks are in writing or my image size...

    I find it's actually a plus in terms of accessibility that I can offer email subscriptions to people so easily! Lots of people don't understand RSS yet but want to subscribe.

    I read all my blogs via RSS, rarely visiting actual web pages. It lets me view them in the 80pt Ariel white on a dark green background which is optimal for my wonky vision - nobody (not even me!) would design a web page that actually looked like that! I'd love to know if it causes problems though...



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