Thursday, September 13, 2007

CameraMouse Finally Available for Free!

As I mentioned the end of last school year Camera Mouse is now available for free from Boston College. All you need is a web cam and you are good to go! It is comparable to similar tracking software that runs hundreds to thousands of dollars. Free software for use with head trackers is also available.

Read my previous post for more information.


  1. Seem like this has already been taken down. What a shame...

  2. It's there. Click on the downloads tab. Then the CameraMouse 2007 Program. Then "Submit Form" (you don't have to actually fill out the form). Then it downloads. I used it with kids today. It worked fantastic. We blew up aliens and painted with our heads.


  3. Hmm - I think I was having a dopey moment. Great news that it works well. Thanks for posting about this, Kate.

  4. I have been trying to get the camera mouse software to work with my web cam but I keep getting an error, I have been in touch with the programmer but he does not know for sure what the problem is, maybe its the type of web cam.I have been trying a Logitech Communicator, can anyone let me know what type of web cam is working for them.

  5. For Your Interest

    I found out why my webcam won't work, on the old commercial web site they said that a CMOS webcam will not work and that only a webcam that uses CCD will.
    The webcams that I have tried all were CMOS.


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