Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Dozen Boardmaker Boards

I just uploaded a dozen Boardmaker boards to the TLWMSN group to share. There is a science lab on the properties of matter, a history lesson on the Eiffel Tower and some classroom/behavior management boards. Enjoy.

I also had a chance to try out some of the features I mentioned yesterday but hadn't used yet. I particularly liked the drag and drop for dragging pictures right out of a website (had to do that at home, my new school has no internet!!!!!!) and into a worksheet. I also liked the shuffle feature which let me drop the answers for a matching section of a worksheet in order and then mix them up later with out worrying about if I had two letter A answers in a row or whatnot.

Later I downloaded all of the addendum PCS symbols (I have purchased them on my own over the years and have 2000-2006 plus the sign language). I ran out of room on my hard drive and decided, without a second thought, to delete that absolutely worthless piece of junk software Overboard (read my review). Everything fit just fine after that.

I am really loving the new Boardmaker and I plan to post boards to the TLWMSN group as I make them, I hope everyone else will too.

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