Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How's this for responsive?

I posted the previous entry about the Dynavox Series Four at 5:27 PM EST, just minutes after I e-mailed my V-P contact at Dynavox for confirmation that they would continue to support the Series Four. Turns out my contact is away until Monday (auto-reply at 5:21). However, another V-P, Bob, responded to the blog entry, which he just so happened to read within thirty minutes of it going online (his e-mail came to me on my Blackberry, at a red light, at 6:02). This is what V-P Bob has to say,

"I just saw this note and, being a Vice President of DynaVox LLC and all, figured I would go ahead and reiterate this statement for this blog. We will certainly continue to support the Series 4 and all its customers with lifetime technical support and a guaranteed 5 years of repairs(from time of purchase)."

There you have it. Not only is Dynavox keeping its word about support and repairs, it is also the most responsive bunch of folks around.

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