Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Giggle Poetry

Need a poem? Want to find words to go with your lesson or the art project or that card everyone just made? Need to spice up your English Language Arts lesson?

You might want to go to Giggle Poetry.

You will find poems, ideas for poetry instruction, animated poems, meet the author, poetry theater and ask the poet.

Here is my favorite poem from the back to school section.

My Excellent Education by Ken Nesbitt
How to juggle.
How to hop.
How to make
my knuckles pop.
How to whinny.
How to cluck.
How to talk like Donald Duck.
How to wiggle
both my ears.
How to fake
convincing tears.

How to yo-yo.
Capture flies.
Roll my tongue
and cross my eyes.
How to make a
piggy snout.
How to make
my eyes bug out.
These are things
I learned in school.
ain’t it cool?

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