Friday, September 14, 2007

Some Classroom Pictures

Our current unit for literature/history is on France. I teach in five thematic units a year. I tend to join English and history and do a separate Science unit. The time periods are the start of school to November first, November first to Christmas break, Christmas break to February break, February break to April break, April break to the end of school. This year we will study five countries. These are some of our France mobiles. The students made the flags and earn a picture symbol ornament to hang from it for each fact they learn. The last symbol they will earn will be the one for Les Miserable after we have finished reading the (adapted) book and seeing the musical. At the end of the unit they will take home a full mobile to hang in their rooms.

Here is our stars bulletin board where students can choose to have their best work displayed. The objects with the blue tops and handles are mugs and are part of our science unit on matter. They demonstrate the three stages of matter. The mug is a solid, the coffee a liquid and the steam a gas. Below that are some science quizzes and one students spelling score chart. You can also see our flip chart and the students work bins.

This is the timer I wrote about a few posts ago. Believe it or not the intervention has already been faded! He doesn't need it anymore. Today he looked at the clock at quarter of, put away his belongings, gathered his things, packed his bag, excused himself to use the rest room and was ready to leave early. I wish I had done this sooner. I wonder what else I can use it for? One of my paraprofessionals is going to try using this with her typically developing kindergartener at home.

And in honor of the Sox vs. Yankees series this weekend here is the sign the Sports Fan Club in my class made that hangs in our classroom window.

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