Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dynavox DV4/MT4 Discontinued

The Dynavox DV4/MT4 will no longer be sold as of October 1st, 2007. With that news came a rampant rumor in the special education field that Dynavox would discontinue support of the series four devices. I just wanted to post the following from the press release about the discontinuation to ease everyones' minds (including mine).

"All Series 4 customers and their care teams will continue to be supported by the augmentative and alternative communication industry’s best technical support team for the life of their product. Additionally, we guarantee repair service will be available for these devices for five years from the date of purchase."

I have e-mail the vice president of Dynavox LLC asking him to reiterate this for the audience of this blog and when he responses I will post it.

The Dynavox Series Four is an amazing device that was (and really still is) vastly superior to the other devices of its type on the field. That being said, the Dynavox V series surpasses the series four dramatically. Have no doubts that even if the V series is more than the user needs (the only reason to chose the series four over the V) it is a spectacular device. Better more than less!

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  1. I just saw this note and, being a Vice President of DynaVox LLC and all, figured I would go ahead and reiterate this statement for this blog. We will certainly continue to support the Series 4 and all its customers with lifetime technical support and a guaranteed 5 years of repairs(from time of purchase).

    Bob Cunningham
    Vice President of R&D
    DynaVox Technologies, LLC


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