Thursday, September 27, 2007

Teacher Rewards Cards

I was just doing my last e-mail check of the night before bed and received my August Staples Teachers Reward Statement. Staples gives teachers 2 percent back on purchases (up to $15 a quarter) with bonus money back during back to school (if you spent more than $200 a quarter - I spent $218 this quarter) and 20% back on copy center purchases (includes copying, printing, laminating and binding - all this communication books!).

Gazing at my money back (that enormous total) I realized that many new teachers may not realize all the places that their pay stub or school teacher ID can get them a discount. Here are just a few:

Also there are rumors that I could not substantiate that Fedex/Kinkos, CopyCat, Target and UPS offer teacher discounts/rewards cards.

Local stores frequently offer discounts as well, always ask!

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