Sunday, September 16, 2007

Virus Infestation

Sometime Friday night/Saturday Morning my Norton Internet Security quit working, without any notification. Thanks, Norton. My back-up Avast system was not running at full tilter because recently it stopped running if it detected Norton. Thanks, Norton - wait, did I say that already?

I woke up Saturday morning to a complete infestation of every possible kind of malware/adware/spyware/virus you can think of. You name it, it was in my laptop. EVERYTHING was in my laptop. It is possible that the ebola virus and the avain flu were in here.

I have spent a beautiful weekend, during which I intended on hiking and camping, running a variety of programs to kill off the bugs in my computer and it is still not over.

Thus I want to thank the good folks at Castle Cops and Dell Forum for being there for the poor saps like me who's computers are the home for wayward viruses. If you ever have the problems similar to mine this weekend I recommend running Hijack this to get a log of what is running on your computer and comparing to the logs on Castle Cops. If you can't fix it post the log and someone will help. So far I have not needed to post my Hijack This logs. But I have a funny feeling I am headed in that direction.

Thank you Castle Cops and Dell Forum!

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