Monday, September 24, 2007

Device of the Day - Switch Scissors

Years ago (more than I care to admit) I used battery operated scissors and a battery adapter to have switch operated scissors in my classroom. Then I changed jobs (twice). I've now been a my current job for a while and my population has changed from mostly students working on handwriting or typing to mostly switch users (back where I started all those years ago).

These days both Enabling Devices ($35.95, comes with a mounting plate we never, ever use) and Ablenet ($25, no plate) are offering pre-adapted battery operated switch scissors. (No messing with battery adapters that dislodge or stop working.)

These switch scissors are hands down the most preferred adaptive device in my classroom. A few of my students threaten to take them home on a regular basis and I plan to give them as a graduation gift at least once this year.

We use our switch scissor for every academic area (all those cut and paste matching activities) and all related areas (art, vocational, life skills, etc.). A favorite activity in our room is scrap-booking and our scissors get plenty of use during that time. This year our room has a different OT and she had never seen switch scissors before; she loved them and before I could blink she was recommending them for all of the other classrooms.

If you don't have the $25.00 in your budget, you can hit up some parents to pool resources instead of a holiday gift this December or you can always do it the old fashioned way and use a battery adapter with a pair of battery scissors from the dollar store.


  1. I have really appreciated these particular scissors. Not only have they helped with motivation and access during many an art project,but I willnever forget one student made cool by the use of them! Nice post!

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