Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dynavox Continues to Respond (The Committed Folks That They Are)

From my inbox nine this morning (must have been the first thing done after putting down the coffee and turning on the computer):

"Dear Kate Ahern:

We are stopping the sale of the Series 4 products – MT4 and DV4 – in most areas on October 1, 2007. However, we will be fully supporting this product for a long time to come.

With all of our products – going back to the Dynavox, Dynavox 2C, Dynavox 3100, etc – we supply life-time technical support. We will always answer the phone for any device – forever. What we also strive to do is to be able to repair the devices for as long as possible. At a minimum, we shoot for being able to have the parts to repair a device for 5 years after the given device was actually sold. If we offer repairs for a longer time period, we do. Currently, we are holding the parts in our inventory to do this for the MT4 and DV4. Some of these parts are no longer available from the people who produced them. This is one of the factors leading us to discontinue this product line – to ensure that we have an adequate amount of parts to fully support those with existing products. Other factors are the drop off in volume in preference to the new V and Vmax; and the realization that many of those that are buying what MT4 and DV4 devices are still being sold are doing so without having known to also trial the V or Vmax.

Jason McCullough
Product Manager
DynaVox Technologies"

Good to know, since I have that Dynavox 2c under my bed!

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